developer, IT specialist,
demoscene coder/organizer


I'm Róbert from Hungary/Esztergom, I'm dealing with computers and other geek gadgets since I was a little kid. Started programming on a C64 at the end of 80's. Since than I made several games, business applications and just for fun demoscene releases. Next to coding my other free time activites are making photos and videos with devices like dslr, actioncam, drone, phone etc.

My business softwares:

As a one man army i've developed applications and software systems:

IANUS3 - Time & Attendance and more.

IKATAWA - Invoice register and workflow.

EnviSAFE - Customer, event and contract management for EHS providers.

(Season) ticket and access control application for Nipl Stefania swimming pool Dorog

My appearance:

Moleman 2 - The art of algorithms (documentary)

Few of my demoscene works (real-time visual demonstration):

If you want to contact me for any reason :