Customer and service management for EHS providers.

EnviSAFE is a partner and service contract management tool for Environment Safety and Health provider companies, who provides service for more than 50 customers at the same time. Includes document management with notifications of audits and revisions. Also contains an employee register with time management (RFID) and an invoice register and payment follow-up.


-Employee management (documents, recurring exams, work time)
-Contracted customer management (document storage, audit management, audit documentations, audit logs)
-Single service mission management for not recurring services (document storage, statuses)
-In/Out invoice register
-Can handle more managed companies with more account numbers
-Unlimited number of customers
-Automatic reporting of overdue, current, future audits and payments.
-Every database entry (company, employee, audit, invoice) can hold a document pack
-Document packs can include unlimited documents
-All functions logged
-Lightweight opensource database server
-No client installation needed

-And much much more..

Event log: overdue audits, payments and upcoming events also.

Staff screen. Employees, employee documents, events.

Contracted partner screen. Documents, services, audits, audit log.

Document pack view.

Invoice module, registering a new incoming invoice.

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