Invoice register and workflow

IKATAWA is scanned invoice register and approval workflow system. Name is coming from a mistyped hungarian word "iktatva" means registered. After invoices are scanned and metadata entered it starts a web based workflow for approvals. After the approvals accountats closes the flow entering the ERP document number of the invoice.


-Grouping, regrouping, rotating invoice pages
-Creates automatically template approval chain for vendors
-Generation of rejection letter if invoice is not accepted
-Web based approvals
-Email notification with url link to invoice
-Web based reports
-Browse online the invoices grouped by approver or by vendor
-Daily emails to accountants about newly approved invoices
-Weekly TOP5 users with overdue invoices
-Symmetric or chain approvals
-Lightweight opensource database server (3 years / 50.000 invoices are less than 100 mbyte)
-No client installation needed

-And much much more..

Invoice registered screen of the Windows client.

Invoice listing, manage workflow, modify data.

WEB service page: invoices waiting for the users action.

Invoice screen, possible to approve, reject, remark or send back.

Listings: approvers, vendors, accountats

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