Time & Attendance and more

IANUS3 is mainly a time & attendance register system, but it grow lot bigger. Now it is a base HR system for enterprise environment, specialized to hungarian labour law and regulations.


-Registering movements interfaced to RFID gates.
-Supports special functions cards pre scanned with badge cards
-Matrix view of monthly attendance and absence
-Automatic master data importing from Payroll softwares
-Time frame and time bank functions according to hungarian labour law
-Time frame planner/editor
-Real time time-bank reporting
-Attendance sheet (single/grouped) with signature possibility
-Several master data possibility
-Event handling (recurring or single like licence prolongation, medical exam)
-Product handover (example: work suit, gloves, eyeglass)
-Equipment registration (mobile phone, laptop, hand tool)
-Connection with RFID door locks , sector permissions
-Self service webpage (request holiday, home office etc)
-Self service function permission based on division or blue/white collar setting
-Email workflow messages
-Automatic email notification of master data changes
-Purchasing model (purchase requsition, approval, sendout registration)
-Travel and expense management
-Licence registration (Forklift, crane, etc)
-Car cost calculation for employees
-IVM vending machine permission control
-Data export to other systems (example: SAP, MPDV Hydra, T-Method)
-Active directory user account based authentication for windows client
-Holiday reports
-Guest registration, handling
-Extra hour handling
-Dynamic organization view
-Live phonebook (export to VCARD)
-Several reporting (fluctuation, headcount, sick days)
-Generating payment run export files
-Lightweight open source database server (at 500 person headcount 10 years data is less then 1 gigabyte)
-On client side no installation needed

-and much much more..

Main screen of the Windows client.

Work assignment planner.

WEB self service page: holiday report for leaders.

WEB self service page: holiday approval for leaders.

WEB self service page: main menu with all available functions.

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